Garud Commandos To Get More Operations In Kashmir


Garud Commandos, an elite special force belongs to the Indian Army is the youngest elite special force in the country. The force killed around eight terrorists in its last brief in Jammu and Kashmir and achieved success in the mission. Now, the elite special forces are raring to go for direct encounter terror mission in the state.

IAF Garud Commando

Garud Commandos’ major operation sited during the attack at Pathankot air Base. During the attack by the Pakistan-backed terrorists at Pathankot Airport, Garud faced one of his first major operations, expanding its numbers to meet its needs during peace and handed him the roles of wartime.

As per a senior Garud official in his interview to Mail Today, “Two of our teams are already in operation in Hajin area of Jammu and Kashmir and they would be replaced by two other units soon. This is going to help more and more of our troops get exposure to real action.”

Special force Garud at mission

In the Pathankot attack, the special force successfully met the operation and after that, the Army and IAF had agreed together to assign operation to the Garuds in counter-terror missions in the valley Kashmir. Two teams were attached to the 13 Rashtriya Rifles. Since a few week, Garuds began operating in close coordination with the Army. Apart from operating with the Army, they kept developing their intelligence network in the valley.

In October, the Garuds were assigned its first major operation in Rakh Hajin area of Bandipore and they achieved big success in a direct encounter with terrorists of Lashkar-e-toiba. To deal with a team of six to seven terrorists who were trying to escape from a house, which could be established before the crowd, Sergeant Milind Kishore and Nilesh Nain murdered two of them before being martyred.

Sgt Milind Kishore

However, the wounded terrorists somehow managed to elope but the Commandos pursued them. With the report of intelligence, the Special Forces traced hidden terrorists in a house in Chandargeer area.

In the following encounter, the elite special force killed six terrorists. Corporal JP Nirala’s bravery was the major factor behind this successful operation. He used his Negev LMG to eliminate three terrorists and pinned down the other terrorists.

Another official of Garud Commandos said, The troops are highly motivated by the acts of valor of our fallen buddies and want to be given more roles in counter-terror ops in Kashmir.”

Garud command force

Another officer said, “More than 30 percent volunteers return within weeks of training. Most find it tough to survive the 16-18 hours-a-day life during which they are prepared both physically and mentally to earn their Garud badge.”

However, as of now, only 26 officers from different branches have been qualified to join the elite force.