Girl claiming herself from Nagaland Burns Tricolor, Receives Backlash from People of Nagaland


A video clip is posted on Facebook by a girl claiming herself to be a Naga and seeking the help of Pakistan for Naga Sovereignty. The video has left social media users and all Indians in shock.

There is a very high chance that the video is made by using a Chinese girl who stands in the front of a flag, similar to that of “Nagalim”, which is a unified Naga homeland envisaged by major Naga insurgent group National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM).

The video was posted on a page called “Counter Narrative” which is under some Pakistani people and they are promoting it. However, when we went on her Facebook page we found that the person who is claiming to be from Nagaland is posting pictures of Manipur riot and trying to divide India. The girl doesn’t even real languages of Nagaland but she claims to be residing in Nagaland.

There are real people of Nagaland who have commented below on her post and told her that Nagaland completely belongs to India and Naga regiment from Indian army are our brothers and they have sacrificed lives fighting the terrorists at LOC.


There are many others who said that this girl doesn’t know difference between Nagaland and Manipur and she is trying to post riot pictures of Manipur, also, there were people belonging to Nagaland who called her fake. She posted a picture of Japanese army in Pakistan and claimed it to be of some Nagaland army, and it is actually hilarious.


There are people who caught her spreading fake photos using photoshop.

There are a lot of Pakistani people on her Facebook page and she is trying to spread fake propaganda and some are calling her someone who has no knowledge of how Naga regiment is protecting India on the border and how is she spreading false news.

The video has been removed by Facebook because of reports but it made us very happy that just people of Nagaland are enough to tackle this.

Her Facebook page is here. The police is investigating if the girl is are Whether the girl is Naga or not e but she appears to be of Mongoloid origin.

Her statement follows.

“Dear Pakistani nation, first of all I wish you all a very happy Independence Day. I’d like to tell you that we Nagas also observe 14th of August as our Independence Day because like you, we also achieved our independence on the same day from (the) British.

Unfortunately, you remained independent while we became slaves of India who reoccupied us after (the) British left. To this date, Nagas continue to fight against Brahmin terrorist state just like Kashmiris and Sikhs for freedom. Today, I want to burn this flag of occupation and seek your support for the Naga cause”.

The girl then burns the Indian Tricolour and resumes speaking

“We are not Indians and this is not India. We observe 15th of August as a black day. We have our own history, culture, language, our own country and army. And we now want our freedom”

The crime branch of Nagaland Police has not yet received any complaint pertaining to the video.

Some people are saying that the video seems to be a creation of Chinese to divide India. The video has been uploaded by a Pakistani channel on Youtube.

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