Girl Thanked The Indian Army Officer and Something Amazing Happened After That

Somewhere at LOC a soldier guarding us leaving all the luxury of his life.
Somewhere at LOC a soldier guarding us leaving all the luxury of his life.

I was buying samosa for myself at Dehradun Airport when I saw a man in the army uniform, next to me. It’s quite common because Doon is a small place and on top of that, there is the Indian Military Academy!

My mom says that actors are not heroes, warriors are (have always been). So, in my family we have a practice of thanking every man or woman that we see in uniform.

I did what she taught me and said to him, “Excuse me Sir, Good afternoon! I just want to thank you for all that you do for this country. You are a hero!”

He was taken aback and amused! He said, “Don’t buy that samosa. You don’t know when they made it. Buy something that they have to cook right now. Also, thank you!”

First he saves us citizens from terrorists and intruders, then he saves me from Diarrhoea!

Turned out, he was from the special forces and had been on a lot of important missions. I had my fangirl moment.

I got the opportunity of speaking with his wife who is the protagonist of my answer because he was all she had and she would still let him go, despite knowing what could happen, yet, every single time… for this country, for all of us.

That day I realised, the most mentally challenging job on Earth is to be a soldier’s close family.

Martyr Col MN Rai’s daughter saluting the hero

No free amenities, concessions or compensation money can lessen the pain of losing a loved one. Nothing can!

This incident was shared by Sarvpriya Srivastava on Quora.

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