Government Likely To Ban Social Media In Kashmir Valley

AP Photo/Dar Yasin

Jammu And Kashmir’s Government is thinking of blocking social media including Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube in the Valley. The decision is taken after looking the current situation of valley. The authority decided to block the social media (Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube) after the recent circulation of videos showing security forces beating up civilians which can lead to be a widespread protests in Kashmir valley.

According to a source, the “decision will be taken soon” to ban the social media in Kashmir, rather than shutting down the internet repeatedly after any volatile situation arises.

Government already banned 4G and 3G services in the Valley. Speed of internet reduced to 2G after the recent student protests across the Valley.

“The decision to block social media will be taken soon. The government is, principally, of the view that social media has been creating volatile situation in Kashmir. To avoid the spread of rumors, fake news and develop a panicky situation that leads to violence, we are forced to take the decision,” a senior minister in the government said.

“We are forced to take this decision as any action or medium that is deteriorating peace and security, and proving fatal for the people requires to be acted upon,” the minister added.

An official said that the security agencies have been mulling from some time to block access to social media like Facebook, Whatsapp and other sites.

All the protest arises after students clashed with security forces at several places in Kashmir Valley on Monday during college students clashed with security forces over alleged police brutality in a Pulwama college.

Authority ordered the colleges and schools to remains closed in the valley for next two days. The universities in Kashmir have also postponed all the examinations scheduled tomorrow.

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