Govt. Authorizes Indian Army to make Emergency purchases if any war happens with China


As the tensions among India And China has grown up in the past few weeks, Indian govt. has passed an executive order which authorizes the Indian army to buy arms and ammunition to be able to fight if any ‘short intense war’ happens with China.

Indian Tank Arjun

The decision of buy arms and ammunition has come at a very important time when the Indian and Chinese forces are facing a standoff which involves Bhutan as his territory.

Indian army soldiers

India Today reported that there was an internal audit of the Indian army that revealed that army has shortage of artillery ammunition, tanks shells, fuses and spares for weapons platforms. The army identified 46 kinds of ammunition which were necessary to be in a war.

Akash missile

With this order the army can spend as much as they like on the buying of new weapons and there is no cap on the amount that can be spent unlike before. For this decision, not only army audit has been taken in consideration but even the Comptroller and Auditor General of India had similar observations about the lack of arms and ammunition.

The report stated, “While availability of authorised stock against War Wastage Reserve to meet the expected duration of operation formed the basic criteria for ensuring the operational readiness of the Army, we found during the review that against the WWR of 40 (I) days, the availability of ammunition was only in 10 per cent of the total types of ammunition held (March 2013).”