Group Captain Of Indian Air Force Honeytrapped, Ended Up Spying For Pakistan


The Intelligence Unit of India has detained a group captain of the Indian Air Force in a possibility of being him a spy. The group captain of IAF is equivalent to a Colonel of the Indian Army. He was posted in New Delhi and now has been detained due to the possibility of being him a spy for neighboring enemy country Pakistan.

Group captain of Indian Air Force suspected of spying for Pakistan

As per the report of the top government sources, the Intelligence Unit of the IAF has traced him as being a spy for Pakistan and now he has been questioned. Added the sources, the officer in question is suspected to have passed critical pieces of pieces of information to Pakistan over the last few months before getting detected.

However, in the initial investigation, it is found out that the officer in question was honey trapped and was being blackmailed by that woman. Now, the investigation is on to unveil the identity of the woman who lured the officer and trapped him.

A Group Captain, posted at the Indian Air Force’s headquarters in New Delhi, has been taken into custody for espionage

Till yet, no official statement has been released by the Indian Air Force. The government sources confirmed that “during routine counterintelligence, surveillance carried out by the IAF’s Central Security and Investigation Team it was discovered that an officer was indulging in certain unwanted activities through unauthorized electronic devices which is against existing orders. He has been taken into custody for further questioning.”

The officer used social media platforms to connect with the handlers. Earlier, he used Facebook to contact the handlers and later used other platforms to connect with them. Reveals the top sources to India Today, “We are trying to establish whether others too were involved and how big the ring was.”

Added the sources, “We have strong reason to believe that the officer was regularly meeting his handlers in the Capital.”

In the view to using social media applications, armed forces run the strict policy on using applications. Although officers can have accounts on the social media sites, they can’t post their pictures in uniform or such pictures that reveal the place of their posting. Also, any such pictures are strictly barred to be posted which can unveil any official materials like information of visits or operational plans. The documents of the armed forces are under the security scan from being confidential to the secret to classified and to top secret.

As the captain has been detained by the Intelligence Unit of the Indian Air Force, now he will be questioned for a possibility of being him a spy for Pakistan.