“Happy Hunting” : Indian Navy trolls China Navy On Twitter Over Presence In Indian Ocean


At a time when Indian Air force is rehearsing war time maneuvres over the Indian ocean under exercise Gagan Shakti 2018 with its Sukhoi-30 and Jaguar aircraft, Indian Navy sent a clever but powerful message through its tweets to the Chinese Navy : You are being watched in the Indian Ocean region.

The tweets were posted with the photos of the Chinese anti-piracy vessels from the Indian Navy twitter handle.

#[email protected] extends a warm welcome to the 29th piracy escort force (APEF) of the PLA(N) in the Indian ocean region(IOR) Happy Hunting.”

According to the Indian Navy, China has used anti piracy patrols and freedom of navigation as the reason for its increasing presence in the Indian ocean. It has naval base in Djibouti and is building the Gwadar Port in Pakistan, strategically at the mouth of the Persian gulf.

“The task force left the Chinese port of Zhoushan on April 4 for the Gulf of Aden to carry out anti piracy missions off the Somali Coast. It consists of 700 officers and soldiers, dozens of special operation soldiers, and two helicopters on board,” according to the report on the PLA’s official website.

Half an hour later,the Indian Navy again tweeted by putting out a map of the Indian ocean region reinforcing how a fleet of 50 combat ready Indian warships was carrying out round the clock surveillance of the area.

In October 2017 that navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba approved to the mission based deployment pattern to position combat ready warships and aircraft along critical sea lanes of communications and choke points in the Indian ocean region. Amid growing sightings of Chinese naval assets,including submarines, destroyers and intelligence gathering vessels, Navy chief ordered the scaling up the Navy’s maritime footprints.

While China has sent a group of small ships  prevent India from intervening in the Maldives and signal its support for President Abdulla Yameen. This tweet has showcase the improved Maritime Domain Awareness Capabilities of Indian forces.

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