Harbhajan Singh Shuts The Troll Who Said Against Indian Navy


As social media has become the platform to appreciate the effort of someone doing great in their respective fields and also condemn the others for not doing what they should do. But it is limited not only to this, also there are some users who never miss any chance to target any personality. The same has happened with Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

A tweet of Harbhajan opened the platform of social media for trollers and for no genuine reason. The Cricketer is known for not twisting his words and he calls spade a spade. The same he did to a troll.

Harbhajan Singh

On Monday, a Twitter user advised him to do his duty but the befitting reply of Harbhajan shut his mouth.

Here’s The Tweet Of Harbhajan:

On #NavyDay, let us take some time to appreciate the efforts of the @indiannavy. They’ve made our lives easy and safe. A big salute to them!! Jai Hind

In His Tweet, A User Wrote:


Just let them do their job and stop glorifying people for doing their duty.

Harbhajan Replied To This Tweet:

Learn to appreciate good work first then u will know about the duty.. do u know what’s ur duty ?? Just see their duty what they do…they protect us salute to them.. and jokers like u shame on you.

Harbhajan Singh

The tweet of Harbhajan Singh completely shut the mouth of the user who tried to troll him. This is not the first time when Harbhajan Singh opened up on any topic.

Earlier too about Indian cricket team’s former skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he said, “One year is a lot and in Indian cricket, there are a lot of changes every day. Experience is there but form and everything matters. Dhoni is a big player but World Cup is far off and Dhoni has to keep performing to be a part of the 11.