Are We Heading Towards Another War With China?

India in china to have a war

Tension at Line Of Actual Control and areas near it rose, when several Chinese troops came face to face with Indian soldiers. Soldiers of both the armies came eyeball to eyeball at Doka La region of the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet- tri-junction. A couple of weeks ago it was reported that troops of China has destroyed two Indian Army bunkers in Lalten Area.

India expressed its strong condemnation of Chinese Army’s project of building a road in Bhutan’s territory. Chinese troops tried to build a road towards their army camps in Zomplri area, China claims Bhutan’s Doklam as DonglangĀ as its own territory since ancient times and also refer that it doesn’t belong to Bhutan.

China recently stopped a group of around 50 Pilgrims who were heading for Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet through Nathu La in Sikkim. Indian Army tried its best by calling flag meeting with PLA to neutralize the tension on June 20. Chinese and Indian troops face off are quite normal in the area despite having an agreement regarding the preventable measure of such situations.

Indo-China border
Indo-China border

India and China have signed Border Defence Cooperation Agreement(BDCA) in October 2013, which states that troops of both the countries should avoid tailing each other while patrolling the disputed area. The agreement is yet to be fully operational and it is supposed to maintain peace and solve the tension at the initial level.

Indo-China meeting at Indo-China Border
Indo-China meeting at Indo-China Border

The defence experts around the country are not denying the possibilities of a war, China is regularly violating several codes of conducts in many regions of Indian and Bhutan. Bhutan is a small country and cannot stand against China’s military might, India is trying to support Bhutan through military and diplomatic matters. Due to hostile nature of China, we cannot ignore any incident, which can cause chaos between these countries and these small conflicts can turn into bigger ones and can lead to further escalation of tension.

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