Here’s The Truth Behind ‘Viral Pakistani Identity Card’ Issued To Chinese Man


There is something unusual is rolling on Pakistani social media and that is nothing but the biggest mistake. As a national identity card for Pakistani citizens issued to a Chinese man. After, seeing this on the internet, many Pakistani citizens consider is as the initiating of a Chinese invasion.

Another part of the country saw it as a morally wrong because Muslim refugees from Afghanistan have not yet got their identity cards issued from a Muslim country, Pakistan.


Meanwhile, some said it to be the aftereffect of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.”

China Pakistan Economic corridor or CPEC, the string of energy and infrastructure project is allotted by the Chinese and Pakistani government as a lifeline to Pak’s weak economy. And, the construction of approximately $60-billion CPEC that comes under the Chinese president Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative parted Pakistani’s over the profit of it.

Another big venture between Pakistan and China promises to give jobs and vital infrastructure and also will help to boost the local firm. The 3,000 km project connects Pakistan’s deep-water port Gwadar and China’s Xinjiang.

As it is world know the friendship of China and Pakistan is evergreen but there are some Pakistani exist who think and found it is suspicion. As one of the top economists considers the project to be beneficial for only one country and that is China.

And sharing their opinion they said, how this CPEC would be beneficial to Pakistan if Chinese industries import maximum numbers of inputs from China as well as another worry is the repayment of expensive loans.

As per the statement was given by Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on anti-Chinese sentiment on social media, “both the parents of the guy shown in the identity card had naturalized as Pakistan’s own citizens decades ago,  and his citizenship had no link to the CPEC which had recently started,” he said.

According to a New Research Center survey, “82% of Pakistanis have a favorable view of China.”

Further, a huge number of Chinese expatriates( the person who is temporarily residing in a country) live in Pakistan due to the ongoing building infrastructure in the nation at an extreme level.

Pakistan is looking forward to China for two main reasons, first China will help it against the foe of India and second, China would help in economic benefactor. Well, after the US moved away Pakistan need some strong support.

Further, the cultural ties between two are clearly visible as a few months ago, Pakistani company Shaan Foods for its biryani advertisement collaborate with expat wife including a Lahore’s local women and the video has crossed views over 3.9 million after the following company was posted on its Facebook page on April 23rd, 2017.

Well, the crackdown of China on its Muslim population in the restive Xinjiang region has made it hard to victory over the confidence of Pakistani citizens. And, it is also reported that recently China has banned naming Chinese Muslim children’s name as ‘Mohammad.’

In Xingping’s administration, it is also ordered to all the Muslim to submit their copies of the Quran and other objects related to their religion.