Hizbul’s Terrorist Commander Asks Kashmiri Women to not Chat with Indian Army on Social Media


Riyaz Naikoo, a commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, a terrorist organization released a video of asking Kashmiri women not to chat with soldiers and strangers on social media. The video went viral one week after army Major Leetul Gogoi was detained with a local army man and a young woman in Srinagar.

In the video, Riyaaz also asked young men to post their experiences on social media if army pushes them for providing information about militants.

Hizbul commander, Riyaz Naikoo

A 10-minute audio clip went viral in which Naikoo can be seen saying, “We have got information that army and policemen are developing relationships with women particularly school girls to prompt them for providing information about militants. Army men are developing contacts with these girls to get them do wrong things.”

Naikoo aged 30 is Hizbul Mujahideen’s one of the longest-surviving militants. He joined the militant group at the same time when Burhan Wani was killed. He stated, “We appeal to our sisters to remain away from army and policemen and avoid chatting with strangers on social media. Nor you should share your secrets with strangers. It will be used to blackmail you.”

The woman who was detained with Major Gogoi from Budgam, Kashmir told the police that she is not a minor. She made contact with Major on her own will on Facebook. Major is the same officer who came to light after tieing a Kashmiri civilian to the front of his vehicle to prevent stone pelters from targeting his convoy.

Naikoo also wants and asked parents not to send their kids to the army-sponsored educational tours, “I am at a loss to understand how parents allow their daughters to go on tours with army officers like Major Gogoi… Army and education are two separate departments and they are not connected to each other even remotely. Army tours are a conspiracy so that they can reach our sisters. Then they lure them to do wrong things and then blackmail them to work as informers for the army.”

He not only asked but also warned the parents of the wards, “We will not spare those parents and teachers who allow their children to go on tours which are directly or indirectly connected to the army.”

According to Naikoo, youths are complaining that “army was detaining them from streets, calling them to camps and torturing them mentally and physically to become army informers”.

Indian military patrolling in J&K

While advising the youth, he said, “You should share these things with your village elders and share your experiences on social media in the form of videos.”

The Hizbul commander threatened jail superintendents for torturing militants, “We know who is inflicting cruelties on our brothers in jails in Jammu and Kashmir. All those jail superintendents, whether Hindu or Muslim, they are all on our target… If you do not stop these atrocities we will barge into your homes or capture you on roads.”

Riyaaz Naikoo said that Major Gogoi is a monster, and said Indian army is using kashmiri girls for sexual favours. Riyaaz is trying to incite hatred and anger in Kashmiri Awaam.

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