Honey-trapped Haryana man attended 18 Army recruitment tests to leak information about army camps to ISI

Gaurav Kumar who was honey trapped

Gaurav kumar, a 23 year old man has been arrested from Rohtak for passing Indian army camps information to the Pakistani spy agency ISI. Kumar who was honey trapped by two ISI agents has been charged under the provision of official secrets act and under relevant sections of the IPC.

Gaurav, a resident of Ganaur city in Sonepat district was preparing for Indian army when he befriended two women on Facebook a year ago. The Women had Indian names Sonu kumar and Anita Ahulwalia but their location traced back to Pakistan. He lied them that he is working in Indian Army and when two ISI agents gained his trust and asked him to share the information about army camps, while promising huge amount in return, he started attending army recruitment drives and till now he appeared for 18 times.

A candidate doing pull up during army’s Bharti

Whenever he went to an army camp for a test, he would share with them photos, videos and other sensitive information including soldiers deployment of army through social media.

He even shared his bank details when he was offered ₹10 lakh but Police arrested him before any money could transferred.

Nowadays, honey trapping cases are increasing. ISI agents are making fake accounts to extract information from youth, Defence personnel and officers even. Group Captain Arjun Marwaha is a fine example that how an officer can leak secret information for money.