How Indian Intelligence Agencies Stopped a Bomb Attack in Delhi, Helped American Forces


In a very important operation by R&AW and Indian intelligence agencies stopped a well planned suicide bomber attack in Delhi last year. A report by Indian express, which was confirmed by top diplomatic and intelligence sources said that ISIS was planning an attack at New Delhi last year and 12 IS operatives were being sent to national capital to carry out possibly set of bomb blasts.

An IS operative who also was Afghani suicide bomber settled in Lajpat Nagar area in New Delhi. He took admission as an engineering student in a private engineering college along the Delhi-Faridabad highway as reported by Indian Express. Acting Swiftly, the detectives at R&AW and intelligence agencies, had their 80 investigators and security personnel were doing physical surveillance of the target round the clock during the peak one-month period of the operation. Not even once he was let out of sight.

The IS operative was living in a rented floor apartment in Lajpat Nagar. He also did a recce of Vasant Kunj, Delhi Airport, Ansal Plaza, South Extension market. The IS operative was the son of a wealthy man from Afghanistan and was sent to Delhi for a suicide attack.

The intelligence came into front when a suspicious money transfer of $50,000 was done from Dubai to Afghanistan, also the intelligence shared by US which stated that New Delhi can be a possible terror target for IS clearly linked dots to a terror attack in Delhi.

At that point, intelligence agencies took a decision to infiltrate into IS, and a candidate with suitable experience was chosen to befriend the IS operative. The IS operative was asked by the IS to arrange for explosives in New Delhi. He was giving constant feedback to his handlers in Afghanistan. The IS operative fixed on an Indian plant for explosives which was actually in touch with Indian intelligence agencies and it arranged explosives.

Finally, he was arrested in September 2017 and was sent back to Afghanistan where a lot of information by him helped American forces to achieve success against Taliban. His confessions have revealed lot of important information for US forces.

The operation run for 18 months from Dubai, Afghanistan and New Delhi and all intelligence was gathered. If not for our intelligence agencies, there would be wide spread mayhem.

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