How many types of weapons are in INS Chennai?


INS Chennai (D65) is the third of the Kolkata class Guided Missile Destroyer. How many types of weapons are there on INS Chennai so here you go:

A. BrahMos Anti-Ship Missiles :

INS Chennai features two bow-mounted 8-cell BrahMos UVLM installation and hence carries a total of 16 missiles for Anti-Ship Warfare. BrahMos AShM is a supersonic missile capable of delivering a 200 kg warhead at a speed of Mach 2.8.

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B. AK-630 Close-In Weapon System :

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It is a 30mm automatic rotary cannon used for a ship defense as last resort against Anti-Ship Missiles and can also be used against low flying aircrafts, helicopters, mines and small crafts. It can fire upto 5000 rounds per minute upto a range of 4000–5000 metres.

C. 76mm gun OTO Melara SRGM :

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It can fire a 76×636mmR round to a distance of 16000 metres for HE-PFF round , 20000 metres for SAPOMER round and 40000 metres for 76 Vulcano round. This cannon is also used on various other Indian warships such as Brahmaputra-Class and Shivalik-Class.

D. Barak 8 Surface-to-Air Missiles :

It has four 8-cell Vertical Launching Systems for Barak 8 SAM thus making a total of 32 Barak 8 Missiles at total. Barak 8 is used to deal with Airborne threats like Fighter Aircrafts, AShM, Cruise Missiles and drones/helicopters. Possessing a range of upto 80–90 km it can engage targets in various threat envelopes.

E. Torpedo Tubes :

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Four 533 mm torpedo tubes are present to launch torpedoes as an anti-submarine weapon.

F. RBU-6000 ASW Rockets :


These are used as an Anti-Submarine Weapon as it launches depth charges in quick salvos to defeat underwater targets upto a range of 6000 metres at maximum. It is an active deterrent against under-water targets which can be used to suppress them actively.

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