How Terrorists Are Exploiting Kashmiri Women


Once a society gets involved in supporting violence as a means to achieve its political objectives, it gets trapped in a web, and then finds it extremely difficult to break itself free. The guns that they initially thought would bring down their enemies or the Govt and get justice to them very soon are turned towards their own people.

It happens, because, over a period of time, so many stake holders appear that they unknowingly weave a web around themselves because each one has its own vested interest. So, once this web is woven, be it innocent people or the terrorists or the politicians every one gets trapped in it. The Maulanas, the terrorists, the politicians, businessmen, foreign powers, media, human rights organisations, NGOs etc etc become so entangled in that web of their own vested interests that no one cares for the atrocities on people.

If one looks at this Kashmir crisis deeply, the biggest sufferers have been the women, and sadly no one has ever raised this issue of How women are being exploited by the terrorists?

Although, once again the stake holders for their own vested interests use all means to project atrocities committed by army and security forces but they deliberately overlook the atrocities committed by Pakistani terrorists. The social media is full of stories of atrocities committed by Security forces, but you would hardly find any story of atrocities committed by terrorists on women, as if they are the Holiest of all, gods own.

Recently, a Pakistani terrorist Abu Dujana was killed a few months ago who was known for womanizing. Dujana’s regular visits to young women’s homes in Kashmir when it was dark had almost landed him in Indian security forces’ net many times. On his killing, both Khan (IG Police) and Lt Gen Sandhu(Corps Commander) said Dujana was indulging in “ayyashi” (debauchery) and its a good riddance. Despite this no one thought of revealing the truth and it seemed as if Dujana was an exception. But the truth is much more horrible.

There are many intelligence reports which indicate that the women in Kashmir are increasingly becoming victim of this on going so called Jehad and no one seems to be interested in addressing this problem. The women residing in villages are under grave threat, they are often being victimized and forced to sleep with the terrorists.

I am quoting from the E Book published on MEA web site titled ; Memorial of Mistakes Converted Kashmir A bitter saga of Religious Conversion, By Narender Sehgal.

“On September 17, 1991. Sajda, a Muslim girl, had been abducted by terrorists and after gang raping her, they killed her and threw her body in the river. There is mention, in the report, about a 17-year girl, Shamma Mufti, who had been kidnapped from Doda district. She had been taken to Anantnag by the kidnappers and she was rescued later by the security forces on December 19, 1991. In a similar way terrorists abducted Mohd. Sultan’s daughter, Zarifa, and her brother, Bashir Ahmed, because they had pressurized Zarifa’s parents to agree to marry their daughter to one of the militants. When Mohd. Sultan refused to marry his daughter to a militant, she and her brother were kidnapped. Her brother, Bashir Ahmed, was killed and later Zarifa was forcibly married to one of the terrorists. Another Sakeena of the same area, was abducted. After raping her for several days the tyrants cut her private parts. Later Sakeena’s body was recovered from Pattan in Baramulla. Hasina of Bandipore too suffered the same fate. Her body was recovered by police from Iqbal Park Srinagar, on October 23. One militant belonging to Al-Umar outfit abducted one Muslim woman and her daughter from their house at Saja Kadal in Srinagar.

The mother and her daughter had been charged with acting as informers leading to the arrest of Al-Umar chief, Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar alias Latram. Their house was set on fire by the activists of this outfit on May 8, 1992. Similarly Dolly of Baramulla, Gudi of Miskeen Bagh (Srinagar), 18 year old Rafiqa, daughter of Asadullah of Kalashpora, Aisha Ameen, District Education Officer and 400 other women were abducted, many were raped and killed “. He further explains , “After the migration of Hindu families from Kashmir, militants started kidnapping girls belonging to Muslim families in order to satisfy their lust. It is reported and some NGOs need to take up this issue that many Muslim girls have migrated from Kashmir and have been staying with their relatives in other parts of the country. Some of them were pregnant. According to Government figures, , there are over 40,000 Muslim families that have been forced to leave the valley by those very Pakistani terrorists who were proclaiming to liberate Kashmiri Muslims.

The unfortunate part of the situation is that militants have been encouraged by the crocodile tears shed by several world human rights organisations who miss no opportunity to target the security forces but keep mum to this heinous activities of the terrorists, who swear by Holy Quran.

Its high time that NGOs and media focus their attention on the plight of these helpless women, whose honour is being trampled by these characterless Terrorists, in the name of Holy Jehad. Visit villages close to Line of Control and make some effort to listen to the viws of women. One would hear the gory tale of the heinous crimes committed repeatedly by these terrorists who visit these villages at night. Every night some of these women have to live this night mare , but their men are quite. Some out of fear and some may be, for money that is offered to them.

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