How to join RAW?


So many times, people ask us what we have to do join RAW, what are the qualifications to join RAW(Research and Analysis Wing), intelligence agency of India .

Raw LOGo

RAW has its own service cadre, the RAW Allied Service (RAS) to absorb talent. Recruitment is mostly by deputation from the Armed Forces or Civil Service Officers.Most of the Directors have been officers from the IPS. Officers are also deputed from the Indian Revenue Service RAW also employs a number of linguists and other experts in various fields.[Recruitment in RAW is taken in the name of NATI (National Aptitude Test in Intelligence) followed by personality and psychological test and interviews.Delhi-based security think tank Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses noted in one of its reports that RAW suffered from the ‘tail-end syndrome’ where the ‘bottom of the entrance lists’ of those appearing for the UPSC examinations were offered jobs.

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