“I love this aircraft more than my wife”- Martyred IAF Sqn Ldr Meet Kumar for MiG-21

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‘Even in the last minutes of flying, the residents recall that Squadron Leader Meet Kumar took the aircraft away from civilian area towards the field so that no civilian is harmed.’

Squadron Leader Meet Kumar from Indian Air Force took off from Pathankot Air Base in MiG 21. Just after an hour later, the aircraft crashed near Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. The aircraft which he loved so much, he breathed his last in it.

The eyewitnesses recalled that the plane was taken from civilian areas to the fields so that there could be no causalities on the ground. As soon as the news of Sq Ldr Meet Kumar martyrdom spread, his old video which was featured on Indian Air Force online Facebook page went viral.

In the video Squadron Leader Meet Kumar explains his love for Mig 21 and also explained some good features of the aircraft. He also said that he has spent more time with the machine than his wife.

Here is the transcript of his statement:

“My name is Squadron Leader Meet Kumar. I am posted to 18 Squad. I have been flying this beautiful machine called MiG-21.”

“This machine is a multi-role aircraft wherein it can undertake any sort of missions. This aircraft is, particularly for a high landing speed. Every landing is different. On this aircraft, we have a 57 mm rocket. We can carry high-calibre and low calibre bombs. The aircraft is capable of carrying 8 bombs at a time and when you are flying this aircraft, you feel none other than God.”

“The bond that I share with this machine is very rare. It is more than my wife. We know each other very well. I have spent more time with this machine than my wife.”

Many brave lives have lost flying MiG 21. Since 2015, 25 deaths have occurred due to IAF aircrafts and 39 brave pilots have lost their lives. The MiG-21 aircraft jets have long past their expiry dates and continue to be used by Indian air force.

A soldier is an asset of this nation and we really hope that the Government or the autorities involved get new aircrafts and scrap the older ones. How many more brave lives we have t lose? When a soldier is martyred, his family has to bear all for the nation and what is nation doing to fix that? These certain thoughts come in my mind whenever I read of any crash and I nervously read if the pilot has ejected or one more soldier gave life for us.

Watch the video featuring Squadron Leader Meet Kumar-

A Date With An Airwarrior : Indian Air Force

#DateWithAnAirWarrior : “Indian Air Force is not just a career, it’s a way of Life.”Sqn Ldr Meet Kumar is a commissioned officer & a Fighter Pilot of #IAF. Posted at a front line base of IAF and guarding the Blue Skies of the Nation.Watch On YouTube: https://goo.gl/6ChRdA#FighterPilot #Airwarrior #indianairforce #soldier #warrior #TouchTheSkyWithGlory #GuardianOfTheSky

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