India’s Sukhoi 30 MKI to Compete with Rafale, Gripen and F16 in ‘Pitch Black’ Exercise


India for the first ever time will participate in the EX Pitch Black exercise that will constitute participating of 9 nations including India and over 100 Aircraft, an official told Economic Times.

IAF in a view to utilize the resources and the opportunity to its max will undergo an aerial war game with Indonesia and Malaysia before and after the Australian event. The event will include four Su-30MKI, C-130J special operations aircraft and a support C-17 transporter aircraft, while the drill will extend for over a month.

c-17A ex pitch black drill
Australian C-17A at Ex Pitch Black pic via Flickr

Malaysia readily accepted the invitation India gave it to them to train both of their fighters with a joint war game, on their way to the Ex Pitch black drill. Malaysian fighter is trained along with that of India and its support with their Sukhois and MiG-29s. India will also stop by Indonesia for a bilateral exercise with whom they had planned since January 2017.

The two nations had stepped up their game on military involvements and had signed a pact on consultations on strategic issues, whereas Indian Special Forces had conducted a bilateral exercise involving the two nations in Bandung. Presently two of Indian warships are the port of Makassar.

At the event, the Indian Jets are going to face Rafales, F-18S, Gripens, and F-16S. The involvement of the four aircraft in the event has something to do with the Make In India deal and tender of the fighter jets, which are to be issued this year. The other two contenders are the Mig-35 and Eurofighter Typhoon against the Indian Sukhois.