IAF Planning Post Upgradation For Tejas Mark-2, Now Become Medium Weight Fighter


Homegrown Tejas Mark 2 aircraft now is on re-design as India wants it to upgrade to make it a medium weight fighter. Before, the aircraft is of heavier weight and weapon carrying capacity as well.

India also designing the plane to substitute the Mirage-2000 fleet of the Indian Air Force.

Well, the systems have been finalized by the design agency of the indigenous fighter aircraft programme named as Aeronautical Development Agency. Though it is looking to freeze the design of the medium weight fighter in coming two-three months.


A senior scientist has told to a leading daily, “It is expected to have a maximum take-off weight of 17.5 tonnes with an improvement of over 85% in weapons and payload carrying capacity to that of Tejas, light combat aircraft (LCA).”

Meanwhile, Tejas has the single GE-404 engine with a fly-by-wire fighter along with delta wings and there is no tail in it.

According to the program director of ADA Dr. Girish Deodhar’s statement: “The LCA was designed to replace the MiG-21 aircraft, whereas the Mk-2 is being designed to replace the Mirage 2000.”

Deodhar further told the leading business daily, “It is being re-designated as a medium weight fighter.”


Country’s army has purchased Mirage 2000 planes from Dassault Aviation of France in the 1980s while in 2011, Hindustan Aeronautics marked an agreement with Thales and Dassault to redesign the Mirage-2000 with new flight, radar, and weapons. Dassault has closed its Mirage plant from that point forward.

Back in January 2001 first time the Tejas aircraft flew and is short of making its final operational leave, even as it has met the primary terms set by the air force. Indian Air Force has initiated over 6 Tejas aircraft in its No 45 Squadron called the Flying Daggers.


Banglore situated DRDO unit named as Gas Turbine and Research Establishment or GTRE has already abandoned to provide the indigenous Kaveri engine for the Tejas fighter after almost two decades of expansion.

Indian Air Force has shown a very deep concern over the low power thrust of the engine after the initial flights of the LCA. IAF also asked unit of Defence Research and Development Organisation to changes in the design and more powerful engine for the LCA-Mk2. The nation has settled the GE-414 engine, a powerplant similar to the one that powers the F-18 aircraft of Boeing.

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