Indian Air Force Opens Recruitment For Women NCC Cadets With ‘C’ Certificate

Women In Indian Air Force through NCC
Women In Indian Air Force through NCC

Indian Air Force is inviting women NCC Cadets with ‘C’ Certificates to join the flying branch. Indian Air Force earned its respect by showing unparalleled bravery at the time of hostility. Whenever the evil stood against the tricolor, IAF spread their wings to protect the motherland. Majorly Armed Forces are men dominating areas but nowadays armed force around the world recruiting women to fill the places. Women now have equal opportunities to join the armed forces and serve the nation by their blood.

Indian Air Force is seeing women serving in different branches. Recently, three women pilots admitted for Combat Fighter Pilot. It will not be the first time women will prepare to go into the fight, they are fighting for the nation since a long time. Western Countries are having many women pilots, India is not far behind.

Women in combat role are rare sight which will be very common. Now, women can get into Indian Air Force direct through NCC “C” certificate which was available for boys¬†only. Women can also join the flying branch through this enlistment. The enlistment is decided for Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission both, SSC is for male & female candidates and the Permanent commission is only for male.

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