IAF wanted to take Revenge of 26/11 but Congress blocked Surgical Strikes


Air Chief Marshal(Retd) Fali Homi Major revealed that Indian Air Force was ready to take the revenge of 26/11 mumbai attacks in 2008 but then UPA(United Progressive Alliance) blocked any further action on the surgical strike that was meant to teach a good lesson to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s handles were guiding the Pakistani terrorists while they were in the Taj Hotels. Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba funded and planned the complete terrorist operation.

Former IAF chief made the shocking revelation on Times Now. All Indian air force was waiting for was a nod by the government.

Former IAF Chief, Air Chief Marshal(Retd) Fali Homi Major

Speaking to Times Now, Air Chief Marshal(Retd) Fali Homi Major said that after two days of strike, the three chiefs of Indian armed forces met the Prime Minister at his residence with then Defence minister A K Antony and the defence secretary.

Before the meeting started, the three chiefs interacted with each other and discussed the options that the government can tell them to take. He said that the Indian air force had a plan and also the capability to hit the cross border terror camps.

He further said that the logistics, planes and weapons, everything was ready to strike the terror camps. But the govt. never agreed for the attack. According to Air Chief Marshal, the attack window was 24 hours in order to make a strategic effect. But we lost the opportunity and it was not used.

However, congress claims that UPA has also conducted a surgical strike but never publicized like Narendra Modi. The revelation tears apart all the claims made by the previous govt.

All we can say at Defencelover is, it is shameful that congress did not go ahead with this step. The more you be silent, the more you encourage the terrorists sitting in Pakistan.

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