India will DESTROY Pakistan And Cripple China in Two Front Nuclear War


The former commander of Northern Command and retired Indian Army Lieutenant BS Jaswal while talking about two front war with two neighboring countries said that India would reduce nuclear giants China and Pakistan into crumbling ruins if it is faced with a two-front war. “The devastating conflict would destroy all of Pakistan and throw it back to the Stone Age”, the commander said.

He added the massive economic strides of China would take a massive hit and isolate Beijing from the world.

Army Commander, Lt Gen BS JaswalMr Jaswal told to Daily Star Online, India is ready to take on its mighty neighboring countries simultaneously but both enemy countries would likely face a devastating fallout, “India’s policy is no first use (nuclear weapons) but massive retaliation.”

Mr Jaswal added, “And for China to wage a war would mean risking international isolation and facing massive setbacks to its economic ambitions.”

War fear with both the enemy countries took its head over the Economic Corridor of China-Pakistan. It is the new trade route will link Pakistan and China at a cost of £33bn in the northern Gilgit Baltistan (a territory that India claims as its own).

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

The news is that China’s President Xi Jinping has rotated his army’s muscles in the area of Doklam and a heavy artillery has been exchanged with Pakistan in the controversial Line of Contro in Kashmir. The tension in the Indian Ocean is equally stressful.

On the other hand, a massive military facility in Seychelles is being built by India in North of Madagascar. It will be called a major attempt to counter arch-enemy.

Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

On the issue of two front war with China and Pakistan, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat put forward his deep concern by saying, China had started to flex its muscles and had begun taking over territory in a very gradual manner.

Rawat told that “In sum, China and Pakistan are one entity threatening India on multiple fronts. China’s adept skill for taking territory without resorting to direct conflict”.

He added further, “China is adept at nibbling territory, and going by the experience of the Doklam crisis, it never seeks direct conflict. It calls an area ‘disputed,’ and then occupies it by proclaiming it as Chinese territory.”

Indian Army’s Special Forces Lieutenant general Prakash Katoch told that Pakistan’s foreign and defence policies could be influenced by China. China’s president Xi Jinping could be planning to add to the tension in Jammu and Kashmir.

Katoch added that “20 rounds of talks on the India-China boundary have yielded little and there is a need to address questions of an escalation by Pakistan at China’s behest. This also raises questions about whether Pakistan’s foreign and defence policies are influenced by China. Has Pakistan become a de facto Chinese province with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Belt and Road Initiative? Dispassionate analyses would conclude that this is a real possibility.”