Why India Can Nuke Pakistan Despite No First Use Policy, Says Experts

Pic for representation
Pic for representation

In March 2017, Vipin Narang, a nuclear strategist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated India may use its nuclear weapon against Pakistan.

Vipin managed to grab the attention of the conference attendees by saying and we quote,“there is increasing evidence that India will not allow Pakistan to go first”

Indian may use it’s nuclear weapons despite having “No first use policy”, Vipin added that India’s opening salvo may not be conventional strike trying to pick off Nasr batteries(launch vehicles for Pakistan’s tactical battlefield nuclear warheads) in the theatre, but a full comprehensive counterforce strike. The strike that attempts to completely disarm Pakistan of its nuclear weapons and India does not have to engage in tit for tat exchanges and expose its own cities to nuclear destruction.

NASR tactical ballitic missile
NASR tactical ballitic missile

The statements got the attention of various defence analysts and experts of the field, and many reactions from different media houses floated on Internet.

A Pakistan media giant commented on the statement that,Comprehensive counter force here is used as an informal phrase that describes counter attack on a nuclear arsenal”

Nation stated that it is impossible to completely disarm a nuclear weapons state. If the nuclear weapon state is on the other side, one has to face not only massive retaliation but a nuclear counter attack, in response. Analytically, it could be assessed, as a consequence to the ambitions of completely disarming Pakistan that India intends to build more nuclear weapons. Weapons are enhanced with more sophisticated technologies, ballistic missile defense, a shift away from recessed and de-mated deterrent postures, multiple independently-targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs), and expansion of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

Pakistani media reacted to the statement with an ambition to defame the growing nuclear power, India has also stated the reason of its growing nuclear engagements and also presented different reports of how well the nuclear energy is being used for meeting country’s energy shortages.

After Vipin’s statement, the interest was diverted towards the direct inclination of Indian nuclear program, which is truly one of the fastest growing nuclear program. The accusative procedure didn’t stop here they have stated the doctrine duplicity and backing their points by Vipin’s statements.

DefenceLover’s opinion:

Pakistan should understand that No First Use(NFU) is not a joke and whoever signed the policy have to abide the pledge. In the case of Pakistan, India never started a war. It is not new to anyone that being a nuclear state and comparatively unstable than India, Pakistan poses more chances of the preemptive nuclear strike. India has developed significant changes in it’s nuclear doctrine, and has its own plan to counter any aggression from Pakistan.

Pakistan needs to understand that Indian nuclear program has its prime focus on clean energy and didn’t possess any plans to increase it’s nuclear arsenal. India will accomplish the settlement of its nuclear triad by deploying INS Arihant, a nuclear driven and a nuclear-armed submarine. The triad is purely a deterrence program against any unfavorable act by any neighbors.

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