India is Looking Forward to Acquire New Submarines as China spreads in Indian Ocean

The six new Scorpene submarines are being constructed at the cost of over Rs. 23,562 crore with an assistance from the French DCNS company 03Pubmar2013

India is in talks with six shipyards to build six non nuclear submarines. The request comes from 75I Project, according to the defensenews.

The RFI has asked for submarines to Japan, France, Germany and Russia. The ships should be equipped with air-independent-propulsion system which allows the non-nuclear subs to survive without atmospheric oxygen which can take the place of augmenting diesel- electric systems.

Once the interested shipyards respond, India will issue a formal request for proposal and the shipyards will be shortlisted.

INS Kalvari

Anil Jai Singh, a retired Indian navy commodore told Defensenews that India is looking for a “a proven, effective, state-of-the-art, electric heavyweight torpedo; a land attack missile, and perhaps even an underwater-to-air missile against enemy helicopters and mines”

This will take multiple years, and their will be a partner which will be selected from domestic shipyards, and the companies will compete the partner policy.

Jayant Damodar Patil, the head of L&T told Defensenews that based on the range, depth and the scope of technology.

The Chinese subs has been stopped snooping in the Indian Ocean and China is even expanding to Sri Lanka, and along the African coast. It is told for a non-military process which is for emergency missions, anti-piracy patrols and any human aid.

They claim that they have to control anti-piracy but what role does a submarine play against a pirate, asked an Indian defense source to Times of India. New Delhi is concerned about the Chinese movements and for tackling them, this would be a nice move.

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