India Should Not Worry About Chinese diversion of Brahmaputra water, says ex-army chief


China is alleged to divert the Tsangpo- Brahmaputra and making the water dirty and full of chemicals. Last few months, a lot of news has been covered on the same and it also brought little panic because China’s evil plans were visible.

However, former Indian army chief General (retired) Shankar Roy Chowdhury said that the alleged diversion of water of Tsangpo-Bramhaputra does not poes any threat to India.

He said that even if charges are true, the river which is Brahmaputra in India, has enough tributaries with adequate rainfall in catchment areas after coming down to the plains to bring in water to it.

China turning Bramhaputra black?

“Even if China diverts water of the river, India does not need to worry,” Roy Chowdhury said at a symposium “India-China relations – Ways to resolve contentious issues”.

China has already denied that it is diverting water of Tsangpo to Xinjang.

MK Narayanan, former national security adviser said that China is trying to consider a water war over the Brahmaputra. He had a stronger view of the issue.

General Roy Chowdhury further blamed the laziness and lack of the Indian economic sector for lagging much behind from the Chinese. As Chinese are dumping chinese good in India heavily, General said that it’s totally India’s fault that India does not have a three pronged approach of cooperate, compete and confront.

“It is the lazy and greedy Indian economic sector to blame, and not China. We should manufacture good quality products cheaper than China,” he said.

He also said that Made in China products have already captured the market and Indian manufacturing sector should be strengthened in order to compete with any country.

The asian economy has already defeated western economy and this is obvious that the westerners are looking forward how Indian and Chinese economies compete with each other.

Tsango Bhramputra river

“Rarely has the world seen the rise of two populations at one time and that too in the same region and the results have not been benign; China and India are competing on several counts – political, economic and military,” Narayanan said as quoted by First Post.

The former NSA believes that China’s main competitor is USA but they think that the real challenge they face is from India. Former IAF chief Arup Raha was also present in the event and he said that India should engage more with the neighbouring countries and sell them military hardware and hold joint military exercises.