India Rejects Any US Intervention in India-Pakistan Relations

India Rejects Any US Intervention in India Pak Relations
Source - Daily Sun

Indian Ministry of External Affairs has rejected any US intervention between Indo-Pak relations. US President, Donald Trump wanted to play as a mediator to stabilize the relations between Indian and Pakistan.

“Government’s position for bilateral redressal of all India-Pakistan issues in an environment free of terror and violence hasn’t changed,” said Gopal Baglye, spokesperson MEA. India has taken the stand against US role in the Indo-Pak role. India has bilateral ties with Pakistan and India has said that two countries will sort this out one to one.

India is still on it’s stand of talking with Pakistan, only when the Pakistani government will take strict action against terrorism. If United States really wants to help India and Pakistan over these issues, US should urge Pakistan to dismantle terrorist infrastructure on their land. India needs international support to take effective action against Pakistan with the support of world leaders.

US ambassador Nikki Haley spoke that US will try to improve relationship between India and Pakistan. India has rejected any support from US. President Trump had felt it vision of improving Indo-Pakistan relationships. India’s biggest client in arms and ammunition is the US and they might not want to loose its biggest consumer. India is still struggling for indeginsation in its weapons.

India has declined any third party intervention in between India and Pakistan, “Being a bilateral issue, India will not, in any case, appreciate a third country’s mediation. In fact, India had earlier also rejected the idea of mediation by the US. There are, in fact, two reasons for it, first is that India has stated policy that Kashmir and other outstanding issues with Pakistan will be solved through dialogue without any outside mediation. Secondly, India does not want to align with any particular bloc for strategic reasons. Russia knows India’s aspirations therefore they mainly insisted on solving the issues with Pakistan on a bilateral basis,” former diplomat Yogendra Kumar told Sputnik.

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