India has slapped its face by deciding to build a Road near Pangong Lake- China


Chinese foreign ministry says that India has slapped its own face by deciding to build a road near Pangong Lake.

The ministry said that building the road near the border is obviously for military infrastructure purpose and the western sector of India-China border is not delimited.

The border

The India’s home ministry as reported on Hindustan Times has cleared the proposal to develop a road from Marsimik La to Hot Spring. Marsimik La is only 20 kilometers away from the northwestern tip of the Pangong Lake.

Also the road will give Indian troops a faster access to the disputed areas of India-China border and strengthen the power of the Indian troops. Indian and China has certain disputes at the western sector of Ladakh.

Chinese foreign ministry said, “The Chinese side constructs roads on its own territory, but India illegally crossed the boundary to obstruct┬áthat under the so-called pretext of “security concerns”.

The ministry claimed that India’s actions proved otherwise of what they say. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson,┬áHua Chunying said in the press conference, “Now the actions of India exactly prove that on the relevant issues concerning the China-India boundary, India’s deeds cannot match its words and what it did is inconsistent and contradicts with what it said.”

She said that this move by India will harm the peace and tranquility of the region which is not exactly expected of India.

“India’s construction of the infrastructure cannot help to uphold the peace and stability of the western sector of the China-India boundary”, she said.

While the India and China standoff continues at Dokalam, China is taking offence for this move. So, what China wants? China wants that they build a road inside Bhutan and India cannot construct a road in its own territory. It should be known that even Tibet is a free nation and China attacked it unethically and then reached till the tip of Pangong in 1962 war.

Pangong Lake

The roads near Pangong lake has a strategic importance for the Indian side and should be made as soon as possible.

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