How India Won India-China Standoff At Dokalam


The India and China withdraw their troops yesterday and the Dokalam standoff was called of. So, who deserves what and who is the actual winner of Dokalam Standoff. Chinese writer, Shawn Zhang answered this question with a perfect answer.

India and Bhutan are the winners.

If a party realized its objectives during this standoff, then it is the winner.

1 . Did India realize its objectives?


At the India China war

India’s smaller objective is to help Bhutan stop China’s road construction. Obviously, India realized this objective. China promised to stop building more roads.

India’s bigger objective is to deescalate tensions in Doklam area and deter China’s military aggression. China thought military threat was an effective way to solve territory disputes. This strategy succeeded in many islands in South China Sea. Now India stood up and showed the resolution to defend itself and ally. According to news today, although China does not withdraw all of its troops, China pulled most of troops and only left a few patrol there. India successfully frustrated China’s objective to militarize Doklam area.

2. Did Bhutan realize its objective?


Bhutan’s objective is to urge China to return to negotiation table and respect their previous agreements.

The agreements between China and Bhutan was signed in 1988 and 1998, which state that the two sides agree to maintain peace and tranquility in their border areas pending a final settlement on the boundary question.

The agreements also state that the two sides will refrain from taking unilateral action, or use of force, to change the status quo of the boundary.

So Bhutan has a big win. China finally stopped taking unilateral actions. The status quo of Doklam before this standoff was that China can patrol in Doklam but cannot do anything else. Although the land dispute issue is not solved, Bhutan’s goal is to make China stop military actions and discuss dispute peacefully rather than to solve the dispute once for all.

3. Did China realize its objective?


Chinese army – Representational image

China’s smaller objective is to improve Doklam’s roads so that it can deploy troops more quickly. Obviously, China stopped construction.

China’s bigger objective is to increase its military presence in Southern Himalayas so that it can pose more direct and effectively threats to India’s Siliguri Corridor. But India is not afraid of China’s military threats. After this standoff, China can only keep patrol in Doklam, rather than regular military. Doklam remains to be a natural barrier between India and China.

Maybe China has the objective of starting a war with India so that China can annex Arunachal Pradesh. China still claims Arunachal Pradesh is historically Chinese territory.

The way to keep peace is not appeasement but the resolution to defend itself combined with wise strategies. Under the pressure from India and international society, China realized it will be a tough war and was discouraged from provoking further conflicts.

Finally, it is a big win for everyone loves peace!

Also, NDTV’s journalist Nidhi Razdan has tweeted that Chinese bulldozers have been withdrawn from Dokalam which is a Bhutanese territory.

We hope China doesn’t come back to its old way of making a road in Dokalam soon.

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