Indian Air Force Evacuates Seriously Injured School Children in Arunachal Pradesh


While the nation was celebrating Independence Day, a foot suspension bridge collapsed in Arunachal Pradesh. Indian Air Force again did something very heroic, which we all should be proud of. It injured several school students coming back from Independence day celebrations. The kids were seriously injured and there was no help coming. Already, it was raining heavily and bad weather made it worse.

But all the bad weather and rain could not stop our forces from saving the lives, be it any day. On the Independence day, tragedy struck in a small village called Hunli, located in Hunli-Desali Tehsil of Lower Dibang Valley district in Arunachal Pradesh.

As soon as Indian Air Force got the message, Wg Cdr K Vinoy was tasked to carry with the safe evacuation. Local authorities requested nearby Mohanbari Air Force station’s commander Group Captain S J Pendse if air force can help the stranded school children.

He took a call rapidly and the air crew of 127 helicopter unit was on its job. The Indian Air Force acted so quickly that heavy rainfalls or dangerous weather could not effect our pilots.


All the school children were safely evacuated, the parents of the children stood at the helipad till the kids were not taken safely to the village from the valley where they were taken to the hospital and all the children are safe now.

We salute Indian Air Force for reacting so quickly and saving lives, making it a a memorable Independence day which ended on a good note.

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