Indian Air Force Is The First To Have Sukhoi 30MKI and BrahMos, A Deadly Combination


The security is the priority of every nation. Every nation attempts their best to acquire technologies and weaponry to keep pace with its area of interest in the field to strengthen the security of the country. The great visionary of the Indian Defence Force, along with the fully supported scientific community by the government, continues its efforts to keep up with the growing national ambitions.

Trial Of BrahMos From Sukhoi

In this row, the Indian Air Force has shown its faith in BrahMos Aerospace which was sought to be integrated with the mighty Sukhoi-30 combat aircraft. Military planners have clearly understood the global effect of such a deadly weapon-platform combination that will result in the incarnations of such a powerful modern strike system, with pinpoint accuracy and unmatched flexibility due to long-distance speed and flashing speed of BrahMos-Sukhoi-30 combination.

For DRDo, CSIR, and an alliance of Public and Private Institution have made efforts to design and development of such deadly-combination. The much-hyped project got the full support of the expertise oh Indian Air Force. The cooperation of the Russian collaborator was always going to come with the specialty of every single design and development activity undertaking in India.


Successful flight tests of BrahMos from Sukhoi-30 proved to be an excellent synergy of efforts once again as the main agencies of IAF, DRDO, HAL, Russian counterparts, Semelalak, RCMA, NAL, NTF and Brahmos Aerospace along with other industry partners. Dr Sudhir Mishra DG DRDO BrahMos and CEO and MD BrahMos Aerospace said that we are committed to providing the best weapon system for the Indian Navy and the Air Force.

This heavy fighter aircraft is a first of its kind in the world which has more than 3,000 km capable of carrying a 2.5-ton missile along with half-a-ton of the launcher which can target at land with 300-km standoff distance. In the air, it’s striking capacity is beyond 5,000 km.


With the combination of these two ones of the most powerful weapons, the Indian Air Force will become the most daunting Air Force in the world. It will become the world’s first air power to have such combination of unmatched and unbeatable combat which can strike deep into the heart of the enemy.

IAF’s Brahmos is the most powerful and accurate to target supersonic cruise missile system in the world market of defence. Likewise, Sukhoi-30 has a strong capacity that has already attracted many buyers and the combination of two will beyond doubt is a challenge to the defence of other countries.