Indian Air Force To Make More Bomb-Proof Hangars Across Northeast

Indian Air Force

Although the Doklam tension has all subsided now, but there are things which gave alarming calls to the defence, which made the government focus on certain priorities. One of which is the bomb-proof hangers for the fighter jets of IAF.

A clearance from the Prime Minister’s office was passed to build blast–proof hangers in the war zones across the North East India.

Fighter jet flying out of the hangar: Source

Blast-proof hangers are extremely helpful for saving the fighter jets from the enemies when the base is under attack.  So IAF will be constructing more bomb- proof hangars to safeguard fighter jets across the air fields in north east India.

The need for the bomb-proof hangars was highlighted way earlier. But the recent Doklam stand-off in Bhutan between the Indian and Chinese People Liberation (PLA) again highlighted the need for these hangars during the two-and-half month long standoff.

The top sources told India Today, that the clearance for building blast-proof hangars across airfields in the north east India came from the Prime Minister’s office and the Indian exchequer are to bear the cost of about a thousand crore rupees . That’s the estimated amount for the total project.

Although the need for more blast-proof hangars had been notified earlier too, but the previous UPA government had somehow failed to act in this matter.

For security purpose the number of hangars or locations of the new blast-proof hangers is kept a secret by India Today.

During the crises a evaluation of the possible scenarios was made, and it revealed that although India had an edge over China, we needed more blast-proof hangars to accommodate fighter jets safely.

F-15 Silent Eagle housed in an IAF hangar: Source

China suffers natural disadvantages like, because of the height of TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region) Chinese jets that have to take off from the Tibetan Plateau will have to trade-off between the pay-load and the fuel they carry. On the other side India has no such disadvantage.

“Having more blast-proof hangars in the North East will enhance the capability of the IAF further,” said the top sources

China owns about 10 airfields in the TAR, but none of them have blast proof hangars that house fighters.

“Positioning or operating fighters from these airfields in case of full-scale war will difficult for China,” sources told and added “without boom-proof hangar’s protecting fighters on ground will be difficult for them.”

Russian made Su-30MKi deep strike bombers is stationed in Tejpur recently by IAF and has also distributed its assets in Chauba in Dibrugarh in Assam and in Hashimara in West Bengal.

Russian made Su-30MKi deep strike bombers in the air: Source

So the bomb-proof hangars give IAF a stronger edge over Chinese air force in the near future.