Indian Air Force says it can Shoot J-20 Stealth Jets with S-400 Missile Systems


A senior air force officer familiar with China’s modernization of military plans has said that the J-20 is not stealthy enough and the IAF has the capability to tackle the threat posed by it.

“With the S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems being bought from Russia and our existing medium-range surface -to- air missile systems, we are quite capable of shooting down the J-20,” the officer as quoted to Hindustan Times. He further added that J-20 was not the true fifth-generation fighter as the aircraft design is not stealthy and it cannot supercruise with the existing WS-10 engines.

China has announced many times that they are in the process of induction fifth generation aircraft fighter J-20. India on the other hand has no plans of fifth generation fighter aircraft as of now.


“I will go with the IAF’s assessment that India can tackle the J-20 threat,” said Air Marshal KK Nohwar (retd), additional director general of the Delhi-based Centre for Air Power Studies and a former IAF vice chief quoted to Hindustan Times.

India is in talks with Russia to acquire S-400 and talks for that will commence when Defence minister will visit Russia in April. “Cost is the biggest worry… We will be posing some questions to the Russians on the S-400,” said an IAF officer. They also said that the performance of S-700 is tremendous and power packed.

S-400 missile systems are capable to destroy missiles, UAVs and missiles in a range of 400 km and the deal is supposed to be of 39,000 Crore.