Indian Air Force version of BrahMos Missile to enter service after Indian Ocean Test by October


According to the statement of Praveen Pathak, the BrahMos Aerospace joint venture executive, the tests of aviation modification of BrahMos will take place in the Indian Ocean in September-October.

He said, “In the end of September — in the beginning of October, the tests of an aviation modification of BrahMos missile will take place in the Indian Ocean, where it should hit a target in the sea and, later, it will be put into service, as reported by Sputnik News.

The official further added that the tests of BrahMos will happen with the Su-30 MKI jets.

Cruise missile BrahMos By One half 3544

The BhraMos-A is a modified air-launched air variant of the missile which has armed the Su-30 MKI of the air force as a standoff weapon. To reduce the missile’s weight to 2.55 tons, many modifications were made. They were

  1. Using a small booster
  2. Adding fins for airborne stability after launch
  3. Relocating the connector

The missile can be released from the height of 500-14000 meters. A Su-30 MKI can carry one BrahMos missile.