Indian Air Force would sign ₹6500 Crore Proposal to stop any 9/11 Style Attacks


Indian Air Force would soon make proposal for ₹ 6500 Crore multi-layer air defence system with American firm to prevent any 9/11 style attacks in the New Delhi.

A high level meeting of the defence ministry with American firm will be held in next few weeks to acquire the missile defence system. If cleared, this will be a government to government deal for preventing 9/11 attacks.

As a part of plan 5 to 6 units of the missile network would be deployed at various locations across the capital, to provide  360 degree protection from all sides.

During 9/11 attacks, al-Qaeda, a Islamic terrorists group hijacked multiple passenger jets in the US and used them to target North and South towers of the World trade center and another plane partially damaged the Pentagon (The US department of Defence)in New York.

Twin towers were targeted during 9/11 attacks

The air defence system comprises various kind of missiles for taking down targets at different altitude and distances including the Advanced medium range air to air missiles and stinger missiles which have different capabilities.

Outdated Russian air defence system that have been in service for many decades would be replaced by the missile grid. Missile grid which is capable of tracking multiple targets and would be integrated with radar system is going to be used by both military and civilian organisations.

It would be automatically identify any rogue aircraft deviated from its designated route or moving towards in another direction can engage it in few seconds after issuing the warning to the erring plant.

To protect big cities like New Delhi and Mumbai from incoming ballistic missiles it would run concurrently to the indigenous ballistic missile defence shield project.

Under the DRDO project, it is going to take down missiles coming in from long ranges, upto 2000 Km or more at heights of 30 to 120 km in air, and the twin layer system in advanced stages of development.

Long delayed ₹20000 Crore SPYDER missile has been inducted in the Air force and have been deployed on the western front to stop any mishap from Pakistan side.

SPYDER missile system

The SPYDER(Surface to air python and derby) is a low level, quick reaction missile (LLQRM) to neutralize hostile targets Upto 15 km and at heights between 20 and 9000 meter. The python-5 is currently the most capable air to air missile in Israel inventory, while the Derby is an active radar Homing Air to Air missile that provides the SPYDER missile with fire and forget option.

To take out enemy planes and drones at ranges of up to 70 km in air, India has signed a deal worth ₹ 17000  Crore for medium range surface to air missile system with Israel.


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