Indian Army Almost Broke Pakistan into Four in 1987, Govt backed down for Surgical Strike Twice


There have been recent instances of publicized claims regarding the surgical strike on Pakistan born terror camps. Prime Minister Narendra Modi even said that his actions were far more dynamic and courageous as compared to his predecessor with the initiation of surgical strikes across the Line Of control during the poll issue in Gujarat.

The PM gave reference of the 26/11 attack under the UPA rule when the Indian Army and Air force were ready to counter the enemies but government of that time did not take any action against Pakistan. The decision of India not charging against Pakistan despite of the country’s continuous course of action sponsoring terror against India had been quite debatable.

There have been two incidents in the past when the government refused to act up despite of the readiness of the Army.

Operation Brasstacks:

The first incident took place in the 1987 when the Army almost divided Pakistan into four states. General Krishnaswamy Sundarji formulated Operation Brasstacks. The General used the plan to pretend as if an exercise is being conducted in the plains, tells Air Marshal (retd) B K Pandey to OneIndia.

Two opposing forces were designed to move south-north and he also had a scheme of pulling all strength from Amritsar to make it weak just for luring Pakistan into attacking the vulnerable Amritsar and declaring Khalistan.

This plot could have turn Pakistan into four separate states breaking the nation. But somehow, the information got leaked reaching to the Russians and the Americans who then forwarded it to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.  The General was soon asked to let loose of the plan by the PM, said Air Marshal Pandey.

Post 26/11 attacks:

After the incident of 26/11, the country was under pressure to counteract Pakistan with a huge reply for their act. Though there were things being said in various quarters about the planning and attack India would take against Pakistan but it was far from being taken into consideration. The Army and the Air Force was only checked upon to inquire about their preparedness, top sources informed.

Even with their positive response for readiness to carry out a strike against Pakistan, the government itself could not make their mind for the decision to go for a war. An officer involved and aware of the events that took place claims that the military never did change its mind.


“I know the sentiment of the entire country was that of anger and disgust. The Indian Air Force was ready to strike at Pakistan. We had our contingency ready and were well prepared. However, ultimately it depends on what the government wants. The government was not in favour of an air strike across the border as it felt that it would escalate into a full-fledged war”, he added.

B K Pandey explains that a Strike across International Border means intensifying a situation into a full-blown war between the nations. While striking across the LoC is just about targeting a territory that we are claiming as ours. Air Marshal Pandey added that the government could have at least taken decision for a surgical strike post 26/11.

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