Indian Army Calls Against Fake News Article, Times of India Apologizes


The times of India today published an article with a title, ‘How suspended army man pulled off burglaries’. The article was about series of burglaries reported in Delhi in recent past few weeks. The arrested criminal, Dharambir was a previous civilian employee at Military Engineering Services, but Times of India reported it as a ‘rouge army man’.

Indian army’s official handle on twitter, ADGPI- Indian army tweeted against the misleading headline of times of India.

The army handle said that Dharambir(54) was a civilian previously working with the MES and he was suspended. He did a number of burglaries in Delhi cantonment area. Two other persons named Deepak and Dheeraj were arrested with him after being intercepted by police in Dwarka sector 1. The report in TOI said that they were in a Haryana number plate car in Hyundai car.

After that Times of India edited the title to ‘how suspended MES officer pulled off burglaries’ and added an apology regretting the mistake.


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