How The Special Team Captured Abu Dujana With His iPhone


Abu Sujana was an active militant since 7 years and every time he managed to fool the local police and slip away. This time the special team comprising of Indian Army, CRPF and Local police finally caught and eliminated him. The armed forces have finished around 100 militants in the past 6 months and their work has not yet finished.

Abu Dujana

The special team had an information of Sujana being again spotted in the area. Abu Sujana’s wife, Rukaiyya lives at Hakripora village in Kakapora Tehsil in Pulwama District of Jammu & Kashmir. The village is just 5 kms There was an intelligence that Abu used come here very often. Abu also had a reward for 30 lakhs on his head.

Around 4 am, the special team barricaded the area and closed the spots for Abu Sujana to escape. First the security forces cleared the area with any civilians first and double checked if no one was in the vicinity.

Army personnal stand guard near Encounter site.Around forty persons were injured on Tuesday in clashes following the killing of two militants, including top LeT commander Abu Dujana, in a gunfight with government forces in Pulwama district of south Kashmir. Express Photo By Shuaib Masoodi 01-08-2017

Around 7:30 am, Indian forces went in cover fire and saved six people from the house. Abu was holed up on the first floor. The forces asked Abu to surrender. He didn’t want to surrender. The forces blasted his house. There was one more militant with Abu who was killed in the action.

Abu Dujana with one more militant

Abu Dujana was known for posting all his photos on social media and the tracking of location was very easy. There is also an interesting thing observed here. The iPhone of Abu Dujana was taken in custody when the last time he escaped from the security forces. His iPhone helped in tracking all of his contacts and their whereabouts.

There has been reports of people protesting against the encounter. When encounter was going on, the stone pelters started pelting the stones on the army and tried to stop the encounter. They were tackled with. The internet and schools have been closed in the valley. For the army, there is more work to be done. Around 250 militants are suspected to be operating in Kashmir. Around 90 of them operate from South Kashmir. According to Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain(Rtd.), every militant in the valley will be finished. According to him, the militants who have been in the militancy for the long time are destined to be finished and it’s about time Kashmir will have no militants left.

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