Indian Army Captures Chinese national snooping around defence installations in Agra

Chinese national held in Agra. Courtesy- Kamir | India Today

The Indian army guards caught a man who was roaming inside Agra army base area. He has been handed to the intelligence agencies. He is currently being interrogated by police and intelligence agency officials.

Chinese national has been identified as Yan Hi Bo who came on a tourist visa to India on 24th October. His visa is valid till 12th Feb 2018.

He appeared to be abnormal. He had not taken bath for a week and he was given proper bath before interrogation.

What is surprising the intelligence agency is, how can a person with unsound mind has got a visa. The real motives of his activities around the defense installation is still not clear. The possessions of the chinese man were captured and they were a passport, a mobile phone which has been seized and it is being examined by cyber security experts.

It is still not clear whether he was actually doing espionage or was just a tourist. The interrogation is going on and the Chinese embassy has been informed of capture of one Chinese citizen.

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