Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat has a Big Mouth: China’s Global Times


Gen Bipin Rawat said just a day back that India has to be prepared for a war on both fronts and if at all India and China has a war, Pakistan will not take any minute attacking India. Also, Gen Bipin Rawat spoke about the Salami Slicing technique of China or gradually taking the territory, instead of taking a big chunk at one go.

Practicing some martial arts

Chinese state owned news website, Global times has responded to the statements of the army chief by calling him a man with a big mouth. The editorial stated, “Admittedly, Rawat has such a big mouth that he could ignite the hostile atmosphere between Beijing and New Delhi. He not only turns a blind eye to international rules, but also made us see the arrogance probably prevailing in the Indian Army. He advocated a two-front war in such a high-profile manner, but where does the Indian Army’s confidence come from?”

The language of the editorial is derogatory that it’s hard to imagine that it is the mouthpiece of government. The article further stated that Indian army chief has no common knowledge about China. It stated, “Generals in India need to form some basic knowledge about the current situation. Can India bear the consequences when it has both China and Pakistan as its adversaries at the same time? Should the Indian Army simulate a military rivalry with its Chinese counterpart before letting Rawat speak?”

The article is titled, Indian army chief taints India’s image. In fact, we think Global times has such a big mouth that it said, that Chinese people don’t see India as a competition. But they have the audacity to post articles full of rage every now and then. Sometimes they target our ministers and now our army chief.

According to global times, there are two types of India, one which tells for peace and one which wants war, that’s simply laughable. It stated against India, “The Indian opinion sphere has always agonized over the border issue. It seems that there are two Indias, one that is thriving and as one of the BRICS countries the same as China; and the other that keeps provoking and tangling with China. Should we embrace the first India or teach the second India a lesson?”

Lt. Gen Bipin Rawat

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said that they have noted the comment of Indian army chief. They made fun of the Indian army’s chief and asked why are they talking about Indian army chief. He said, “I don’t know whether he was authorized to make such comments and whether they were made impromptus personally or on behalf of the Indian government.”

According to him, China and India are two emerging markets and a sound and stable Chinese and India relationship serve fundamental interests of people of both the countries.

We hope that India understands that only peaceful coexistence is the only way to move forward and Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping spoke the same in the BRICS summit.

It looks as if the one who does every violence is talking about peace.

Whatever Gen Bipin Rawat was very important because people must know what China is upto and how Indian army is totally committed to protect our national integrity at the borders. Seems like the Global media has not done a proper research on how well knowledgeable Gen Bipin Rawat.

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