Indian Army Complains to Amazon on an e-book Which Says Derogatory Things About Army Wife


Army wives sacrifice everything they can for this nation and must be respected by all of us. An NRI from London with a pseudo name has written a very derogatory book about the Indian army wives. It has brought to the notice of the army and they have taken action to stop the circulation of the e-book.

Enraged with the sexual content and title of racy online e-book ‘Indian Army Wife’, the Indian Army is furious enough to write a complaint to online retailer Amazon which is selling the literature while also considering options like legal recourse against it.

An Army source told this newspaper: “We will definitely act on this book and its title which is very derogatory to the wives of Army officials and soldiers”.

“It is our duty to protect the honour of Army wives who are known to sacrifice everything, including their husbands, for national duties,” said Colonel Aman Anand, spokesperson, Indian Army.

The discussed book is written by Aman K, who is believed to be a UK-based writer. The book with 68 – pages was first published in September 2016 as the Kindle edition.

The story of the e-book revolves around a Brigadier’s wife and her choices which builds the concept as, “how she became an exhibitionist at a young age and then how she became a shared hotwife (a woman who has sex with other men with her husband’s approval) in order to accelerate her husband’s career”.

Online promotion on the book goes like, “Read on to find out how Abhijeet gets from Captain to Brigadier in record time. “This story has it all, from flashing a school teacher to husband watching … and more”.

Major General T. Parshad (retired), former Judge Advocate General (JAG), said: “I am not aware of the contents of the book but after reading the book details, I find it absolutely derogatory. “It is not only the duty of the Army but of the entire nation to safeguard the honour and reputation of our ladies from such scandalous write-ups, which for monetary benefits defame the Army wives as a class,” he said calling the book ‘demeaning, defamatory and scandalous’.

Looking further on different works of Aman K provides with the similarly suggestive titles as ‘Indian Hotwife: Seduced by her Personal Trainer’, “My Indian Wife – First Time Shared’, ‘Married But Available: Indian Hotwife’, etc.

Books by Aman K. available on Amazon

The writer purportedly described himself as a London- based 33 years old on an online portal in 2016. Claiming to have born to parents with the Indian origin, he also uses Aman K. as his pseudonym.

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