Indian Army To Deploy 850 Women Officer As Cyber Warriors

An all female Indian military contingent marches in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi January 26, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (INDIA - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR4MWQ6
Till today we have been witnessing very less women officer in Indian Defence Force, but Indian Army is planning to deploy women officers to deal with the threats in the domain. This will open new avenues for women officers in this field.
The new Army proposal would be implemented in the near future soon that has been discussed by the army chief, General Bipin Rawat and his senior commanders, as the Indian Army wants to make use of women officers “more advantageously”.
As per the army sources, “The force has plans of utilising the women officers more effectively in new cadres such as cyber which is a fast emerging trade in the armed forces as they face major cyber security threat from both state and nonstate actors.”
Army further added, “The women officers would also be included in the field of language training to the army personnel and architecture as permanent commission officers.”
One of the most important fields of concern which is increasing rapidly is Cyber Warfare. The computer networks have been continuously under the danger of adversaries of neighbouring countries such as China and Pakistan.
To fight against Cyber Warfare, all the three services are integrating for handling the attacks as well as to create an offensive ability to deal with the issues.

Shekharkar Committee also advocated the part of Army Education Corps as cyber warriors as the branch is being dissolved.
If the sources are to be believed then the actual motive behind the deployment of women is to open more opportunities for the women officers in the fields of their excellence.
Added the source that the force would also be favourably considering the grant of permanent commission to the women officers.
The Army is giving permanent commission to women officers in limited branches like legal officers and education, but they have not been included in the direct war units like infantry yet.
Sources stated that, on language courses offered by women officers, a large number of soldiers and officers will be trained in important international languages ​​to fight the increasing menace like Mandarin and Arabic.

Army is now planning to deploy around 850 women jawans in the military police:

Army is now planning to deploy around 850 women jawans in the military police branch for helping the troops to handle situations where women are involved.
Initially, it would be 850 women jawans to be included in the army later the number would be increased gradually in the lower ranks.
In the role of the military police, the inclusion of the cantonment and the army establishments, to prevent the violation of rules and regulations by soldiers, to maintain the movement of soldiers during peace and war, to combat war prisoners, and whenever necessary, civil police providing assistance is included.
Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Israel are the countries which have women in combat roles. Also, the Indian Air Force has deployed three women officers as fighter pilots.
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