Why Indian Army Didn’t Fire on Chinese Army When They Destroyed Two Indian Bunkers


The reason behind why Indian Army didn’t fire on Chinese army when they destroyed two Indian bunkers in Sikkim is really appreciable. The PLA army is known for provoking each and every neighbour they have had.

The Indian Army Chief, Gen Bipin Rawat said a few days back that Indian army is ready to fight on two and half front war( China, Pakistan & Terrorism). But still the Indian army did not stop the Chinese army from destroying Indian bunker. There is a big reason to it.

The Chinese army didn’t fire any bullet, if they would have done that, the armed forces would have given a suitable reply. Apart from that, there is also a code of conduct that Indian and Chinese army won’t fire at each other in case of conflicts at the Indo-China border.

India China border

The Chinese are living in an illusion that India wants to become a slave of United States. Whenever it looks that India and US ties are getting better, the Chinese media start writing hatred and venom against Sino-India border. The media not only writes provocative stuff but they also threaten and vent their frustration on Sino-India border.

India will never compromise with its sovereignty, China hasn’t fought a war since many decades. If China doesn’t fight a war in next decade, it’s army will go in stone age. With Russia, US and India having more experience than China, it will hurt China where it matters the most.

A few days back, some Chinese soldiers came in India and Indian army was seen scuffling with them hand to hand.

There were no bullet shots fired, the upper line is China wants to test the patience of the Indian army and if Indian army would have retaliated, the situation would have escalated appreciably. India will respond suitably at the place and time of their own choosing.

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