Indian Army finds the Solution to Overcome Chinese Language Barrier


General Bipin Rawat released the report, titled ‘first Compendium on solutions to problem statements, at the Defence Expo -2018, which end in Chennai on Saturday.

The Chinese language barrier is one of the 130 problems identified by the army design Bureau(ADB) in 3 separate reports, other problems include a drop in engine performance of the tanks and infantry combat vehicles at high altitude, and the difference in laying the bridges for the movement of troops and vehicles in mountains.

General Deepak Rawat at defence expo in Chennai

Cogknit Semantics private limited, a Bengaluru based company has find the solution that could help the Indian Army to leap over the language barrier that has impending communication between Soldiers deployed in forward areas and their Chinese Counterparts.

An initiative of Narendra Modi’s government, the ADB was established on August 2016 and has tasked with promoting research and development and acting as a bridge between the army and the Private sector to meet army’s Requirement.


“It is a 100% indigenous solution, a next generation Artificial intelligence product that can automatically carry out the translation A soldier would require only a headset and a tablet,” said Deepak Kumar, director of defence solutions, Cogknit.

The Company has told the army that the product could be deployed for trial at week’s notice and does not need internet connectivity. The Indian army asked for help to the industry in January 2018 to solve the language problem through the development of an auto Chinese translator”.

Earlier, The army admitted that the number of Chinese language qualified personnel or interpretors in its rank was negligible.

On a number of occasions, forums and activities are required to interact with their counterparts. On all such occasions language has becomes a barrier. Availability of genuine Chinese language translator would be a big help in solving it.

Military researches and strategic affairs analyst have a multiple effect in the field of China studies in the Indian army. It will also help in conducting joint exercises in the better way.

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