Indian Army is Not Just Guarding the Borders, It’s All These Amazing Adventures!


Indian army is not just about having guarding the borders, there is a lot of adventures involved in the armed forces. Let us see what else Indian army offers.

Lieutenant Colonel Anupam Gaur flew Cheetah helicopters for the Army Aviation Corps. On October 6, 2007, Lt Col Gaur’s chopper hovered over the Siachen Glacier, some 19,000 feet above sea level, waiting to rescue a team of 11 stranded mountaineers.

Lt Col Satyendra Verma, an officer in the Corps of Signals of the Indian Army, jumped off the 450-feet high deck of Pitampura TV Tower in Delhi at dawn of October 29, 2010 he created history.

Since he would have hit the ground in four seconds if he remained in free fall, Verma had just 1.5 seconds to do all that he had to – give a free fall, give a delay and open the parachute. And all this, while hurling down at the speed of over 40 metres a second.

Having more than 24 mountaineering expeditions so far including highest peaks of five continents(Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe & South America.), Lt. Col. Jamwal is the only person from the Jammu and Kashmir state who has climbed Mt. Everest twice.

Major General Ian Cardozo who during the 1971 war did something a normal person wouldn’t even dare of imagine. In the war, the then Major Cardozo stepped on a landmine and had to cut off his badly wounded leg with his own khukri.

Colonel Sameer Singh Bisht, SM, whose gun jammed in an encounter with Kashmiri terrorists but he managed to keep his nerve and emerge victorious.

Gentleman this is the level of adventure you get in Indian Army. All four following officers information is taken from Shoot, Dive and Fly by Rachna Bisht.

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