Why does the Indian army not burn the dead bodies of Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir?


Indian army has finished more than 120 terrorists in the valley in past seven months. The terrorists belong to major terrorist organization and their job is to promote instability in Kashmir and they are important to be eliminated or it will create more nuisance in the valley. Indian army is always on alert and looking for terrorists that might come their way.

But Indian army never burns the dead body, they leave for the family of the terrorist, why is that? This is true we respect our one’s human right and Indian army is morally correct, from buring the dead bodies of soldiers in Kargil or to treat the 93,000 prisoners so well in 1971, India has showed the world how it is to be done. The following answer was written by Ramesh Motwani on Quora.

There’s a mixture of a genuine query and some misconceptions in the question.

I won’t go into an unnecessary morality lecture. What the question suggests does make sense. All wars are fought in the head and psychological warfare is one of the most important aspect of any war. One of the most potent motivation the terrorists have to come to India and wage their jihad is that they’ve been made to believe that dying in a holy jihad will teleport their soul straight to relish their 72 goats in heaven.

At the same time, the terrorist’s religious beliefs tell them that dying at the hands of a kaffir and being burnt, instead of buried, after death will lead to their rooh (soul) to be trapped on earth forever and deny them salvation, this clearly is a potent psychological deterrent to let the terrorists know that not only are they not succeeding in their Ghazwa-e-Hind charade, but their soul risks staying in a perpetual limbo in a Hindu land when they are killed.

Indian army on hunt

There’s only one problem : The terrorist manufacturing factory is not known to be the most open institution. Even if we started leaking information about terrorist bodies being given the warm cremation they deserve, preferably wrapped in pig skin, it’s highly unlikely that it will reach the madrassas which manufacture these terrorists. The first rule of brainwashing is that the institution isolates their candidates form any outside information, so that the information being fed to them by their madrassa teacher is the only worldview they are getting to here.

Secondly, the counter terror-ops in Kashmir are handled by special forces. They are not like CAPF forces which fire teargas shells and wait for good sense to prevail. These guys mean business. When an SF hit team is sent, the team goes in and roasted pork comes out.

They use high caliber weapons, including rocket launchers. Whatever pork remains is roasted beyond identifying anyway. At this point, it makes no difference if you bury it or burn it, because there’s not much left to ponder upon.

Presence of fresh pigs is reported by the intelligence unit :

What? pig in the area? okay saar..coming saar..let me get my garam masala.

Our master chef’s go in :

The oven is preheated :

The cooking begins :

One junior chef is always on duty to make sure no pork runs out of the oven half-cooked:

Checking if the pork is ready to be taken out of the oven:

It makes no difference what garnishing you add on top of this. The SF team has already moved on to hunt other pigs in some other area. They don’t care what kind of last rites are accorded to the fresh kill. People make their own assumptions.

India being a secular country, we don’t discriminate during last rites. They get a cremation with our rockets first, and whatever remains is then buried as per their religious law, so they get the honor of being cremated as per both religious codes.

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