Why Indian army parade did not have Para Commandos or NSG commandos this time?

Indian paratroopers march during the Republic Day parade last year. Photo By Pankaj Nangia

We all know that the presence of Indian army regiments as well as the special forces were not present on the republic day parade which concluded recently? Various experts have different reasons to feel so, few feel that it was because the govt. thought to focus on women empowerment but let’s read what army veterans think on the same.

NSG Commandos during last year’s parade

There appears to be a well planned strategy to reduce Army presence and shore up Central Armed Police Forces. This is a historical deep seated fear psychosis in politico-bureaucratic minds since independence. There has been deliberate undermining on all fronts, of this last refuge in times of crisis. Air Force Station Pathankot started it, where they thought police or NSG can take on the terrorists – Dovel Doctrine. Republic day – Army columns were less, no special forces, no Agni or Prithvi, no Corps of Signals riders – replaced by women riders of BSF.

Second reason could be not to scare ten heads of ASEAN countries with display of weaponry which threatens them. Air Force and navy now equals the presence of Army, though there numbers are not even 15% . Only babus and politicians can explain the logic, but it appears to be quite devious!

written by Col Kulwant Kumar on Quora.

More veterans joined in to express their point of view for the lack of armed forces contingents on republic day.

I agree with the answer of Col Kulwant Kumar. There is a deliberate effort not to showcase Armed Forces too much at the Republic Day Parade. Perhaps,it was felt that we must showcase our developments in other fields,other than defence. Thus,in last few years more civil Tableaus have been added. But, this year the emphasis seems to be on Central Armed Police Forces.

Ghatak Commandos during republic day parade 2016

It shows the clout of the Home Ministry and civil over defence,today. I won’t be surprised that in near future the corporate sector may also get included and the Republic Day Parade would be a sponsored affair.

written by veteran Tej Dalal on Quora.

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