Indian Army Says China Cannot Pressurize Us, Pitches with Tents And Supplies in Doklam Area


Indian Army has been pressurized in the recent past from China to withdraw the troops and move back but the army is in no mood to move back from Doklam Area. The armed forces has made it clear that they will not be shaken by any pressure put from China or any other country for that matter.

Indian army soldiers have digged to pitch the tents and they won’t move until the Chinese army ended the face-off by themselves.The Indian army, however is looking forward to find a diplomatic solution to the standoff.

Chinese media has been publishing provocative posts against the Indian army and that they feel they have an upper hand in this standoff. Indian army has asserted that there cannot be any unilateral decision in this regard where tri-nations are involved.

The China and India standoff is continuing from past three weeks because China is attempting to build a road in the strategically important area. The 220 km Road link can give a huge advantage to China. Doka La as called by India, Doklam by Bhutan and China claims it as part of its Donglang region.

A pic of India-China military exercise

It should be noted here that Bhutan has no ties or talks with China while India is a close friend who supports Bhutan’s military and democratic causes.

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