Indian Army Successfully Test Fires Smerch Rockets, Hits target 90 Kms Away

Russian Smerch rocket launchers

Indian army successfully test fired Smerch rockets; along with the Russian scientists on 11th of June at 10:30 am. The two latest system of the Smerch ie 9 MMF and 9.55K were fired and tested successfully. The missiles hit the target 90 km away at the Pokharan firing range.

The Smerch rocket launcher system weighs about 49 tonnes and it can fire upto 9 types of missiles. It can change its trajectory with the help of stabilisers which are manufactured at Kanpur Ordinance factory that helps it in hitting moving targets. The absence of stabilisers in the rockets leave them completely useless to even fire

India tested fired its own home manufactured Pinaka multi barrel rocket launcher system and guided Pinaka system in January 17 and May 18 in an effort to replace the Russian made Smerchs system, respectively.

Some Facts of Pinaka that you should know-

1) Has a range of 70km[Mark 1] while the Mark 2 systems have a range of 45km.

2) It can fire 12 rockets in 44 seconds.

3) It is mounted on a Tantra truck for mobility

​4) ARDE Pune, RCI Hyderabad, and DRDL Hyderabad and ITR Chandipur are the contributors.

5) Indian army will have 22 Pinaka regiments all set by 2026

A similar Smerch rockets test in 2017 failed in which the missiles missed the target. Instead it hit a village and left a crater, no loss of life was reported. The Smerch system are five of its types, in which two have been tested ie 9MMF and 9.55K as mentioned before.

A joint venture took place between Russia and India. According to some senior army report the official deal was made between the Russian weapon companies Rosoboronexport and Splav ‘SPA’ and Indian defence ministry.

It was later decided that the Smerch systems would be manufactured at the ordinance factories of India. At present this rocket is being manufactured at Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) in Kanpur.

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