Indian Army Soldier Writes a Thrilling Tribute for Aurangzeb


By Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat.

Most of the people talking about killing is like virgins talking about sex…..Distance from the other human directly affects how easy it is to kill a man. Aurangzeb Khan of 44 RR was killed from point-blank range and in ice-cold blood!!!…..let me put things in perspective….fighter pilots/Artillery guns can kill hundreds or thousands because they don’t see or hear the dead or dying.

For infantryman, this takes on a different aspect, they see the fear in the other person’s (enemy soldier’s) eyes, and respect the honour of the surrendered and unarmed soldiers and do not kill them (Indian Army is the most moral Army in the world)…..the expressions on his face and the fearlessness in his eyes seconds before his death defy all visceral fears of mankind!!! ….and this is exactly what did not go down well with the coward terrorists…….the cretin Jihadi terrorists had seen that there was no sweat on his brow, there was no hint of fear in his eyes ( please see the steely resolve in his eyes) the pain on his face was missing, he did not ask for mercy even when blood started spurting from both his entry and exit bullet wounds, there was no desperate cries for help or mercy even when he was shot!! He did not whine even when his vision started blurring….even when his heart beat started becoming feeble….even when his pulse rate started dipping…..Jehadi terrorists were unnerved…they had not seen anything like this before!!….they could not believe their eyes!! eveything that was unfolding in front of their eyes was contrary to what they were told by their Pakistan handlers!!

The terrorists could not withstand the determined look of a Kashmiri Indian Army Soldier!!!….. all this was very real, live and very vivid (this was not mere indoctrination in a terrorists training camp in POK) …..nothing absolutely nothing scared him even before his certain death…. even his dreams could not scare him, his fears (he had none) could not scare him, thoughts of his mother or father could not scare him, thoughts of his affectionate sister did not scare him, his plans for Eid (tomorrow is Eid) did not scare him…..The Jehadis could not look into his eyes….he was unarmed…..not on duty….was on three days leave….he was fasting in the holy month of Ramadan…..he of course had no human rights…..he was half dead (due to relentless physical assaults)…his bones were broken but his spirit was intact…his jazba was intact….his love for his “Watan” was intact….

You will be missed brother…the twinkle in your eyes will be missed…your patriotism will be missed…your smile will be missed….your presence will be missed….your nation will avenge your murder!!! Hell hath no fury when Indian Army goes on offensive!! 44 is on the prowl !!! There will be retribution of unforeseen proportions!!……there will be consequences of huge magnitude!!….there will be all pervasive outrage!!…..the cost of this misadventure will be very very prohibitive!!!

Your Army will not let you down!!
Your Corps will not let you down!!
Your Force will not let you down!!
Your Sector will not let you down!!
Your Unit will not let you down!!
Your Company will not let you down!!
Your Platoon will not let you down!!
Your Section will not let you down!!
Your Buddy will not sleep tonight and he too will not you down!!

Your tremendous faith in the Idea of India and fearlessness in your eyes will not let India and its Mighty Army sleep tonight !!!

By Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat
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