Indian Army Veteran Writes How Indian Army is Being Politicized


Dear Friends,

1. In the last four years, the politicisation of Indian Army is noteworthy. A well-planned design is being systematically executed to draw long-term political aspirations by the present ruling party, the BJP. Let me try to answer your question “How”.

2. Earlier retired Generals/Lt Generals were being appointed as State/UT governors and very few veterans opted to contest elections for Lok and Vidhan Sabhas.To the best of my knowledge none of the “Veteran Governers” were ever tagged as controversial figures unlike their civilian counterparts who were pinned as puppet governors.

3. We have seen Ex-Chief and ex-Olympian contested as BJP candidates and won to occupy ministerial bearths as well. Yes no problems, any one has the liberty to contest from any political party. The problem comes when politician turned military leaders become silent observers to their erstwhile brother in arms. OROP is burning example. To my mind this exercise of 2013 Parliament election by inducting two well known military faces in the party has paid rich dividend to BJP. Hence this tactics is being taken to newer dimensions. Recently Mr Amit Shah and his BJP friends interacted with General Suhag and Lt General KJ Singh. KJ was also seen sharing the stage with Veteran India President Binay Mishra (Ex-Service Man) in a function held in the recent past. Country should not get surprised if we find present Army Chief appointed as governor soon after he hangs uniform.

5. This kind of strategy is working well for BJP and no wonder none of the senior serving officers (Major Generals and above) have displayed their moral courage to call spade a spade ; few such examples where we should have heard their voices are surgical strike, stone pelting in J&K, Major Gogoi’s incident, PM dragging Field Marshal Carriappa and General Thimayya in political rally in Karnatak and opening of 62 cantt roads. Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

6. This is the “Carrot” politicisation of “Olive Green Uniform”. A win-win situation for all. Can someone suggest a new Chetwode Hall motto? Can I?

7. “Carrot” comes first, always and every time, “yes sir” comes next, always and every time, “uniform” comes last, always and every time.

(Applicable to only Two Star Generals & above)

With best wishes,
Brigadier Pradeep Yadu (Retired)
Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

P.S. – Friends please disregard and oppose all those policies which result in degradation and politicisation of defence forces.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.)